Daisy is one of the new additions to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. While she’s an Echo Fighter for Peach and works much in the same way, you will have to unlock the two separately. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Daisy in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Daisy in Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Daisy is by playing Classic Mode 5 times. If you start as Fox, Daisy is the fifth character you’ll unlock after Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Peach, Falco.

This should take you around 50 minutes, depending on how long it takes you to complete a Classic Mode run. You can also unlock Daisy via Smash Mode or World of Light, although these methods will likely take longer.

How To Unlock Daisy in Classic Mode

To unlock Daisy in Classic Mode in Smash Bros Ultimate, you need to play 5 times. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows that Daisy is the sixth character in Fox’s unlock chain.

Fox > Captain Falcon > Zero Suit Samus > Peach > Falco > Daisy > Bowser Jr. > Wolf > Mewtwo > Sonic

This means you can complete Classic Mode as Fox and play as each character you unlock subsequently. You can also play Classic Mode five times as Fox for the same results. With each Classic Mode game taking around 10 minutes on average, this should take you around 50 minutes or less.

How To Unlock Daisy in Smash Mode

Like with all Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters, you can also unlock Daisy in Smash Mode. The game generally allows you to unlock a new character every 10 minutes (provided you have covered enough distance in the game). However, there is a method to shorten this.

Daisy is the 28th character you unlock via this method, so this will likely still take longer than using Classic Mode.

How To Unlock Daisy in World of Light

You can also unlock Daisy in World of Light, the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

You can find Daisy in the World of Dark after beating the Dry Bowser Spirit in Dracula’s Castle. You’ll reach this point much later in the game, making it the slowest way to unlock Daisy.

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