Cloud is one of the most popular characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and a great fighter for beginners. With strong abilities and a simple playstyle, he ranks well on the current Smash Ultimate Tier List. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Cloud in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Cloud in Smash Bros Ultimate

If you want to unlock Cloud as quickly as possible, Classic Mode is your best bet. You’ll need to complete Classic Mode six times using one or more of these characters: Samus, Inkling, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Incineroar Dark Samus. This should take around 60 minutes or less.

Unfortunately, there’s no super fast way to unlock Cloud. If you unlock him via Smash Mode or World of Light, he’s still one of the later characters you’ll unlock.

How To Unlock Cloud in Classic Mode

You can unlock Cloud in Classic Mode in a minimum of six games. If you follow the Samus unlock tree, he’s the sixth character you’ll unlock.

The Super Smash Bros Character Unlock Order shows you the route you need to follow to unlock characters leading up to Cloud. This is as follows:

Samus > Inkling > Wii Fit Trainer > Pit > Incineroar > Dark Samus > Cloud

You don’t need to use all of these Fighters. For instance, if you prefer to use Samus, completing Classic Mode six times as Samus will eventually unlock Cloud Strife.

How To Unlock Cloud in Smash Mode

You can also unlock all Smash Bros Fighters by playing Smash Mode. While this generally lets you unlock a new character every 10 minutes (providing you’ve covered enough distance in the game), there is a faster way.

Building up a lot of distance allows you to close the game, re-enter, and keep unlocking new characters.

Unfortunately, it can still take a while. Cloud is the 55th character you’ll unlock using this method.

How to Unlock Cloud in World of Light

You can also unlock Cloud in the Spirits Adventure Mode, World of Light. However, Cloud’s unlock comes much later in the game.

You’ll find Cloud in the Sacred Land area of World of Dark. You will find him on the map shortly after unlocking Zelda. This happens at around 9 hours into the game, although it can depend on how fast you play.

How to Beat Cloud in Smash Bros Ultimate

Cloud can be a tricky character to face-off against, especially while unlocking him. You’ll fight him on the Midgar stage, where he’ll get the chance to grab Materia and use a Summon.

Many of Cloud’s moves require him to fight up close, so taking some damage away at a distance can help. However, some of his moves are slow and facing him head-on to negate his attacks can be extra effective.

If Cloud uses his Summon, make sure to shield yourself so as not to take too much damage. Don’t worry if you don’t unlock Cloud the first time- you can always get a rematch via the Challenger’s Approach menu!

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