PC players can play Destiny 2 free right now! All you need to do is download it from the Blizzard App anytime between now and Nov. 18th and you’ll be able to play Destiny 2: Forsaken for free. You can also check out Gambit Mode, the new 4v4 PvE and PvP hybrid mode.

How to Play Destiny 2 Free

Bungie is letting PC players play Destiny 2 free to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. Destiny 2 has become one of the biggest games in the world with over 12.3 million players.

To download and play Destiny 2 free, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Download and install the Blizzard App free from the Blizzard website.
  2. Sign up for a free account and use it to log in to the app.
  3. Click on the ‘Gifts’ menu in the top-right corner and you can claim your copy of Destiny 2.
  4. Install it from the sidebar on the left and you can start playing Destiny 2 for free!

How to Play Destiny 2 Free

The Destiny 2 free promotion offers great value as the game usually costs $39.99 from the Blizzard store. The Blizzard app also lets you play games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm for free, making it one of the best Steam alternatives.

Destiny 2 Gambit Mode Ranks & Rewards

Players will also be able to play the brand new Gambit mode from November 9 – 11. Gambit mode is a 4v4 PvE and PvP hybrid mode. You’ll take on other teams in addition to enemies and boss battles.

Players will progress through the Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, and Mythic ranks, each with three tiers. The final Legendary rank is one solid tier. You can earn Infamy points by winning games and completing Gambit bounties.

The Bungie blog explains more about how Gambit ranks and rewards will work via the Infamy ranking system:

  • Each rank will require more Infamy points to complete than the last
  • Win streaks award bonus points
  • Your win streak caps at 5 and doesn’t get reset until you lose a match
  • Your win streak won’t be reset if you join a match in progress

With the chance to play Destiny 2 free for life and try out a brand new mode, this is a worthwhile offer for any PC gamer.

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