The last Nintendo Direct announced the first Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character- Piranha Plant! What’s more, if you buy the game early, you can download the fighter completely free of charge. It’s available until January 31st, 2019, although you can still get Piranha Plant afterward. Here’s the lowdown on how to get Piranha Plant free.

How To Get Piranha Plant Free

The first Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter is available for free if you buy the game early. Although it’s unclear when Piranha Plant will be in the game, you can register to get it for free anytime before January 31st, 2019.

Players who buy a digital code for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will automatically be registered to get the new DLC character. Those who buy a physical copy will need to register the game with a MyNintendo account here. As soon as the character is available, you’ll be able to download in-game.

You don’t need to pre-order the game. Anyone who gets the game before January 31st will be able to register to get Piranha Plant free. If you get the game after January, you will still be able to get Piranha Plant, but you’ll have to pay. He may be priced the same as other DLC characters at $6.

Next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Packs

After Piranha Plant, 5 more characters will be released via DLC Packs. Each pack will also include a new map and new music tracks. Individual DLC Packs will cost $6, but players can also get five with the Fighter Pass for $25.

Although it’s unclear when these will be, the Nintendo Direct announcement claimed all of them will be released before February 2020.

Nintendo has already decided the final lineup, although it’ll be kept a secret to players until the DLC Packs are ready to launch. Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks and rumors point to characters like Minecraft Steve, Katalina from Granblue Fantasy, and a currently unknown Square Enix character.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches in just less than a month. With a huge roster of 69 unique characters and more Echo Fighters, players will have plenty to test out in the meantime.

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