How to get free pets in Roblox’s Adopt Me title is something that a whole host of players around the world are asking.

Adopt Me is one of the most popular games within the world of Roblox. Gamers have the chance to adopt and bring up a whole range of animals or pets. Similarly, players can decorate their houses, build new homes, and unlock games, toys, and challenges along the way.

However, if you’re just starting out in the game then one of the big things you’ll want to do is get your hands on some freebies to get you going.


That’s why getting some free pets in Adopt me could be the perfect way to get you up and running.

How to get free pets in Adopt Me

There are a number of ways to get your hands on some free pets within the Adopt Me game. The pet you get will depend on what you hatch, while certain events also offer different pets.

In a nutshell, the ways to earn free pets are though events, star rewards, or earning in-game currency and purchasing them.

  • Starter egg – You can get a free untradeable dog or cat from this egg given to you by Sir Woofington
  • Event eggs – The last event was Easter. This gave you a free chick which was untradable. Keep an eye out on future events to claim more free pets
  • Star rewards – Log in each day to claim stars. The more you build up, the more you’ll have to exchange for certain pets
  • Earn bucks/currency – Earn in-game money by completing objectives or tasks. You can also earn bucks by simply logging in and staying logged into the game for set periods

That’s four quick ways for you to get yourself some free pets in Adopt Me. Like all games, it can take time. But if you want to keep your actual money for yourself, then follow the above steps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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