Players who play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online might wonder how to get Elite Smash. Elite Smash is unlocked for players who reach a certain GSP or Global Smash Power. Elite Smash lets you play against other similarly-ranked players in super competitive battles. So how much GSP do you need for Elite Smash and how do you unlock it? Here’s a guide to Elite Smash requirements.

How To Get Elite Smash In Smash Bros Ultimate

If you want to unlock Elite Smash in Smash Bros Ultimate, you need to reach a certain GSP or Global Smash Power.

There is no set GSP to get- rather the amount you need changes all the time. It’s based on the rankings of other players, meaning as more people play, the higher it’ll get.

You get a higher GSP simply by playing and winning battles. You’ll also get into Elite Smash once a certain character reaches the GSP threshold needed. This means it can help to focus on one character instead of multiple.

How Much GSP For Elite Smash

Players might wonder how much GSP you need to unlock Elite Smash. While the number changes as time goes along, there are resources online to help.

Redditor u/enshmitty8900 created a spreadsheet and chart to track the GSP of Redditors who made it into Elite Smash. This is regularly updated over time. You can view the spreadsheet here.

The Current Estimate for Elite Smash GSP is 3.16 – 3.19 Million GSP according to Reddit users. Focus on building one character up to this level and you’ll make it into Elite Smash, although the number will rise over time.

What Is Elite Smash?

Elite Smash is an Online Mode upgrade which allows the best players to compete against each other.

Much like with ranking systems in other esports games, those in Elite Smash will compete against high calibre opponents.

While it still works the same as regular Online Battles, it allows players to test their skills against high-level players. Once you reach Elite Smash, you know you’re ready to compete.

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