If you want to explore CS:GO Danger Zone Blacksite offline, it’s easy to set up via the console. With the Portal Easter Egg recently found, some users might want to scour the map for new hidden gems. Of course, you can also explore the map in general and become accustomed to the new Battle Royale mode. Here’s how.

How To Open Blacksite In Console

First off, you’ll need to open Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and open your console.

If you’re not sure how to open your console, go to Settings > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console (Yes). Now go to Keyboard Settings and scroll to the very bottom to set a button for your console.

In your console, you’ll need to type these three commands.

game_mode 0
game_type 6
map dz_blacksite

This will take you straight to the map, which you’ll be able to explore at your own leisure.

How To Explore CS:GO Danger Zone Blacksite Offline

Once the map is loaded up, open your console again and enter these commands

sv_cheats 1
mp_warmup_pausetimer 1
bind space noclip

This allows you to pause the warm up timer to explore as long as you want. You can bind noclip to Space bar or any other key- use this key to turn noclip on or off and fly around the map.

This is all you need to do to explore Blacksite offline. You can still open your map (M) and check out all the locations and hidden areas.

How To Find the Portal Easter Egg in CS:GO Danger Zone

You can also use this method to find the Portal Easter Egg in Blacksite. Travel to the ‘Tourist’ part of the map in the upper left corner. You’ll find a Motel building.

Enter Room 2 and you’ll find a set of computers. You’ll need to wait here for around 2 minutes, but after that, the Portal radio broadcast will play.

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