Those who reach a certain level in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode will be able to play Elite Smash. Elite Smash lets you play against other high-ranked opponents in competitive online battles. But how much GSP do you need for Elite Smash and how do you get it? Here’s a guide to Elite Smash in Smash Bros Ultimate.

How Much GSP For Elite Smash?

The amount of GSP you need for Elite Smash will vary over time, depending on the level players worldwide are at.

You can check to check the current amount of GSP you need for Elite Smash. This site collects data from players over time to give a solid estimate on how much GSP you need for Elite Smash.

How Much GSP For Elite Smash in Smash Bros Ultimate?

As of February 18th, 2019, the current estimate for Elite Smash is 3,860,140. Players should find themselves reaching Elite Smash around the 3.8 million mark.

Keep in mind that the GSP for Elite Smash will rise over time. Last month, around 3.16 – 3.19 Million GSP was needed for Elite Smash. This suggests the level may go up around 500-600 thousand each month.

How To Reach Elite Smash GSP

Players will need to put in some work to reach Elite Smash. You’ll need to reach the Elite Smash GSP with a specific character, as opposed to the overall roster.

It’s best to pick a character you’re comfortable with and learn how to use them effectively in battle. There are many online guides and videos to help with this. For an idea on the best characters to pick, check out the February 2019 Smash Ultimate Tier List.

You’ll gain GSP from each battle won and lose it with each game you lose. As you get closer to Elite Smash, you’ll notice you win or lose points much slower than before.

It’ll take some grinding to reach Elite Smash- especially as it can rise over time. However, the more you compete online, the more you can refine your skills and eventually break into Elite Smash.

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