Google will host an event at the Game Developers Conference for the first time ever this week. But what will the Google GDC 2019 announcement be about? Rumor has it it could be a new Google streaming service for gaming or even a system complete with a controller and games. Will there be a Google games console?

Google GDC 2019 Announcement – What Will It Be?

The massive global organization recently confirmed they’ll be making a big foray into gaming, but what exactly will it be? Google already owns YouTube, which has a game streaming service similar to Twitch. But it seems the company now has something even bigger in store.

Google made an announcement via a Tweet, complete with a teaser trailer. The teaser doesn’t tell us much, but it shows numerous gaming environments with some next-gen graphics. Could this hint at a Google game system?

It would take some serious work to compete with console giants like Sony, who plan to announce the PS5, and Microsoft, who are also planning to release a next-gen Xbox console. However, Google’s system could look significantly different.

Google Yeti Streaming Service?

From what we have to go on, it looks like the GDC 2019 announcement could cover the Google Yeti service. Google has been working on “Yeti” for a long time. It’s rumored to be a game streaming service which allows you to pick and play games much like Netflix works for shows and movies.

Of course, this will take some powerful tech. Google Yeti could work via Android set-top boxes or streaming sticks like Chromecast. It’s also possible there could be a whole new Google console or system to run the service.

It seems that there will also be a controller to accompany the system. This was shown on Twitter by @RepsUp100.

It’s yet to be seen whether this will involve a whole new console or existing software. It’s possible the service could work like Steam but for Android systems. However, it seems Google has big things planned already. They also revealed that ID Software will appear at their GDC19 session. This could mean DOOM is one of the first games on Google’s new service.

The Google GDC 2019 event will take place on March 19 at 12:30 PM PT.

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