The Genesis 6 Smash Bros Ultimate tournament continues and we now have the Top 8. The eight players to make it to the end are VoiD, zackray, Samsora, MkLeo, ESAM, Light, Cosmos, and Dabuz. It’s been the biggest Smash Bros Ultimate event yet, with top Melee players like Leffen, Mang0, and Hungrybox going head-to-head against top Smash 4 players.

But while many of these players had strong runs, it seems that Smash Bros for WiiU players are more in-tune with Smash Ultimate so far. Here’s more on the Genesis 6 Top 8.

Genesis 6 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Top 8

The Genesis 6 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Major will continue today with the eight top players going head-to-head. The first matchups are as follows:

Winner’s Bracket
VoiD vs Zackray
Samsora vs MkLeo

Loser’s Bracket
ESAM vs Light
Cosmos vs Dabuz

The losers of the winner’s bracket will still get another chance to compete against the winners of the lower bracket. Those who get knocked out of the lower bracket are out of the tournament.

It’s been a big tournament for Panda Global players with both Cosmos and ESAM making it to the Final 8. ESAM has been particularly impressive, taking out #1 seed Tweek with his Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Dabuz also made his way through to the Loser’s Bracket with his impressive Olimar plays.

It’s no surprise to see MkLeo, one of the top players of Smash 4, make it through. He’s shown he’s just as proficient in Smash Ultimate

Genesis 6 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Finals Time

You can watch the rest of the tournament play out starting today at 6 pm PST. You can also check out the Melee, Smash 64, and Rivals of Aether finals. Genesis posted the full final day schedule on Twitter.

It’s been a tournament full of exciting plays and upsets so far and the final will likely live up to the hype. You can watch at

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