Genesis 6 wrapped up last night and the Smash Bros major brought us some new champions. The event featured tournaments in both Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Melee. There were also tournaments for Super Smash Bros 64, Splatoon 2, and Rivals of Aether. Here are the Genesis 6 results and winners.

Genesis 6 Smash Bros Ultimate Results – MkLeo Topples VoiD

In the biggest Smash Bros Ultimate tournament yet, Genesis 6 showed that Smash 4 players currently reign supreme in Ultimate.

The Genesis 6 Top 8 had eight former Smash Bros for WiiU players. Perhaps even more interestingly, each played a different character. These were Zackray (Wolf), VoiD (Pichu), Samsora (Peach), MkLeo (Ike/Lucina), Cosmos (Inkling), Dabuz (Olimar), ESAM (Pikachu), and Light (Fox).

The Grand Final came down to MkLeo and VoiD. Although VoiD had some impressive wins to make it there, it was MkLeo who won in the finals going 4-1 in two Bo5s.

Meanwhile, Dark Wizzy and Salem won the Smash Bros Ultimate Doubles tournament. They beat Light and Marss in the finals.

The Genesis 6 Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament was also notable for having many Melee players compete. However, the one to make it the furthest was Leffen at 17th before being knocked out by MkLeo and Yeti.

Genesis 6 Smash Bros Melee Results – Hungrybox Wins Again

The Super Smash Bros Melee tournament at Genesis 6 was stacked with top players. Hungrybox, Plup, Axe, Mang0, PewPewU, aMSa, and Zain were all in attendance.

Top players Leffen and Armada were notably absent to focus on the Smash Ultimate tournament.

Melee Singles came down to Hungrybox and Axe. However, Hbox once again took home the gold, taking out Axe’s Pikachu with his Jigglypuff.

Hbox got no love from the crowd, with many chanting “fuck Hbox” ever since his win against PewPewU. However, Hbox played up the heel role and carried on to win in the end.

Hungrybox was by far the best Smash Bros Melee player of 2018. He won 15 events throughout the year, only rarely slipping to other top competitors. It looks like his success will continue throughout 2019.

However, he wasn’t so lucky in the Doubles tournament. SFAT and PewPewU won the Melee Doubles event against Hungrybox and ChuDat in the Grand Finals.

Genesis 6 Results – Smash 64, Rivals of Aether

While the Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee tournaments had most people’s attention, Genesis 6 had a few other games on offer.

In the Smash 64 tournament, kysk won Genesis for the first time ever. It came down to a Grand Final against Josh Brody, but kysk came out on top.

FullStream won the Rivals of Aether Singles event in a Grand Final against Penguin. Penguin and CakeAssault took the Doubles win against Windows and Dynla.

Team KingMaker won the Splatoon 2 tournament at Genesis 6 in a 3-0 Grand Final victory against Maybe Later.

You can see all of the Genesis 6 standings at

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