Fuser will hit the Nintendo Switch and other consoles in late 2020, with a new release date announcement today confirming Fuser will hit during autumn. 

A surprise Nintendo Direct Mini announcement from the Japanese giants revealed a wealth of announcements.

Among the huge titles such as Bioshock and Borderlands being announced for a May release, Nintendo also confirmed that Fuser will come to the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

Fuser, which comes from the same people behind the likes of Rock Band and Dance Central, will allow players to create and share their musical creations.

The hope is that players can essentially create their own festival or DJ set through Fuser. Budding musicians or DJ’s would then be able to share their creations with their friends online.

Fuser on Nintendo Switch release date

For those in the UK, a ‘fall’ release essentially means a release date around the prime slot in gaming terms.

Fuser Nintendo Switch
Fuser will see a late 2020 release date on Nintendo Switch. (Screenshot)

Between September and December, which ‘fall’ is classed as usually sees a whole raft of popular titles released.

The likes of FIFA, PES, and Call of Duty normally have a title ready by then, so Fuser will be hoping it doesn’t slip under the radar and miss out on those crucial sales points.

Fuser promises something different

The initial release trailer for Fuser showed a lot of promise but things have gone pretty quiet ever since.


However, Nintendo’s announcement this week will come as a nice surprise for fans awaiting the game.

The gaming world hasn’t seen anything like Fuser for some time now. While the end of the year might seem a while away, it will soon come around, just as it always does.

The release date for Fuser will please a lot of Nintendo Switch fans who are looking for a gaming experience away from the norm.

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