Full Bloom 5 took place over the weekend with Singles and Doubles tournaments in both Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Melee. Many top players were in attendance, including Marss, Cosmos, ESAM, Zain, SFAT, yeti, and S2J. Here are the Full Bloom 5 results.

Full Bloom 5 Smash Ultimate Results: Marss beats Cosmos

The Full Bloom 5 Smash Bros Ultimate tournament was full of excitement with players such as ESAM, Marss, Cosmos, and MVD competing.

Marss went through the tournament without dropping a match. Cosmos also had an incredible run, with only 1 loss to Marss before the Grand Final. He fought through the Loser’s Bracket, taking out MVD, ESAM, and Maister to face off against Marss once again.

But in the Grand Final, Marss dominated once again. He won the final match 3-1 with Zero Suit Samus against Cosmos’ Inkling.

There were many great performances throughout the tournament. Notably, Maister, a top player from Mexico, made it all the way to 3rd place with Mr. Game and Watch. His ability to take a character considered low tier and challenge many of the best Ultimate players shows his skill.

The Ultimate Doubles tournament had similar results. The two top players from the Singles Tournament worked even better in unison, as Cosmos and Marss beat ESAM and MVD in the Grand Final.

Full Bloom 5 Smash Melee Results: Zain beats SFAT

Over in the Smash Bros Melee tournament, it was Zain who took over. The event followed a similar path. Zain made the finals unbeaten whereas SFAT had only lost to Zain. SFAT beat S2J in the Loser’s Bracket to make it to the Grand Final.

Zain took the win in a 3-1 victory as Marth against SFAT’s Fox. It’s his first big win since his notorious upset victory at Shine 2018.

The Melee Doubles tournament went to PewPewU and SFAT. They won in the Grand Final against Rocky and iBDW.

You can view the full details and standings of Full Bloom 5 at Smash.gg.

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