Guided Missile Launcher removed from Fortnite!

We’ve got to hand it to Epic because they really do listen to their community, even on the smallest of things. Remember when they removed the disco bomb only because a couple of people had realised it could be used to give you an extra weapon slot?

Well, the Fortnite team have now taken out possibly one of the most overpowered and destructive items in the game; the guided missile launcher. The problem with this weapon was just how good it was and how few negatives there were when using it.

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Basically, players could fire a guided missile that had incredible turning speed and did a lot of damage. While it did take you briefly out of the game, if you are playing in duos or squads, you can destroy anyone.

Thankfully though, after many complaints, the Epic team confirmed that the Guided Missile Launcher has been removed from Fortnite, and is unlikely to come back.

As you can imagine, many players are very happy with this news and took to Twitter to share their opinions on it.

So, should the missile launcher come back? Well, even after it was nerfed significantly, it was still very good. Unless they find a way to make it totally fair and balanced or make it an extremely rare weapon, then it is unlikely it will return.

Which might just be a good thing, surely?

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