We think that we have found the greatest snipe in Fortnite and we’re not kidding!

The past week on Fortnite has been a bit crazy, with rocket launches, rifts in time and space, and the inclusion of the Drum Gun.

However, some of the best players around have been pulling out some outrageous clips to keep pushing the bar. Who know’s what’s possible in this game now!

This week we’ve got some top quality clips, and a few funny ones to make us both feel better about how rubbish we are; despite playing every night for the last 9 months…

Here are the five best Fortnite clips from the past week:

1. Dakotaz is King

Told you there would be some funny ones! Some nice trolling kills from the TSM man, though it makes me wonder why I never come up against these terrible players!

2. The best glitch ever


Hey, another funny one; we all need a smile on this Monday afternoon, right? Well, this glitch has only just been found and it makes the movie action board GIANT!

3. The best trick shot you will ever see

I don’t even know what to say about this…

4. Six kills in less than a minute

He might keep losing to tfue but this from Ninja is very spicy indeed.

5. The new exploit

Truly, a disgusting exploit, but one that has gotten me a lot of kills over the past week!

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