So, the Fortnite esports viewership has not been so great according to this list.

NewZoo has revealed the top 10 most watched esports in 2018, and some of the names missing might shock you. It is fair to say that so far in 2018, esports has continued to get bigger and bigger. The likes of Fortnite and FIFA continue to grow from strength to strength.

However, according to the data revealed by NewZoo, neither of these made it onto the top 10 lists. This is especially confusing considering Fortnite has been dominating Twitch and YouTube’s live streaming sections.

So, who is in the top 10? Well, this tweet from Slasher aka Rob Breslau showed them:

Slasher also revealed why Fortnite was not ranked and it seems to be due to individual streamers not being taken into account. With that being said, the Fortnite channel had been pulling in more than 80,000 concurrent views during a Skirmish event.

Interestingly, Fortnite does rank at number 7 on YouTube’s streaming platform. However, with just 0.4m hours of esports content watched, Fortnite pulled in only 1% of total esports hours watched on the platform.

So, are these statistics correct? Well, replying to Slasher tweet, MLG employee Adam Apicella claimed the numbers were way off.

Will Fortnite get better numbers?

Well, the Fortnite World Cup and Pro-Circuit are set to start next year so we can only imagine it will see a boost. However, with Ninja and co continuing to dominate the platform, the Fortnite Twitch channel may struggle to keep up the pace.

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