‘This is Fortnite’ is one of the best videos we’ve seen this year.

If two things have taken the world by storm in recent months it is Fortnite and Donald Glover – aka Childish Gambino.

So what would happen if those crossed over? Well, it would take social media by storm, and that is exactly what has happened.

The ‘This is Fortnite’ video by YouTuber ‘WiziBlimp’ has more than 220,000 views and 11,000 likes, and to be honest, it should have much more considering just how near-perfect the video is to the original.

It appears that it has been filmed at the factory close to Flush Factory, which ideally has a pre-made dance floor.

Not only did they nail the shots from the original, but they even perfectly synced the backflips. Playing the music videos side-by-side will reveal just how well matched everything is – including the camera pans, outfits, and dances.

From taking over social media to being featured live, in front of more than 140,000 viewers on Fortnite extraordinaire Ninja’s stream; we got chance to speak to the team behind the video.

“The reaction has been amazing. We are seeing our video and it’s mind-blowing,” said Zack.

“We were just saying that this time last week we were really excited that we had 15 subscribers and a few 100 views. Watching Ninja react to it on his stream was surreal for all of us too, being a fan and seeing such a positive reaction to something we made is pretty overwhelming.”


While the almost shot-for-shot interpretation is an absolute achievement in itself, we should take a time to really appreciate how much time and effort this would have taken to complete.

Given that you can’t just jump into a game alone, taking your time working with the almost four minutes of Donald Glover dancing needed to recreate the original – the dedication is certainly there.

In fact, there were just three of them that worked on the video, with Zack, Danny, and David grinding to all the shots for the This is Fortnite video.

So the recording of the shots in Fortnite took us about 5 days. There was a lot of dropping into a game for a few minutes, then quitting if we didn’t get the shot to try again.”

The editing took another 2/3 days. Matches wise it’s hard to say, I’m sure upwards of 100 but we didn’t really keep count. We don’t think we’ve ever gone so long without actually finishing a game!”

At one point about 6 hours into trying to the choir scene done we actually thought we’d got the shot, so we all started going nuts celebrating as it had taken so long. Only to find when we look at it in replay mode, we actually weren’t even close! There are a few good clips that may make it into another video too.”

We are certainly looking forward to any future parody videos, and we’d just like to remind everyone that Zack, Danny and David’s channel only has three videos so far!

Hopefully, they decide to put up a some of the better bloopers from their videos – for now though, we’re just enjoying their hard work.

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