Wondering what the Fortnite kill record is? Well, it is stupidly high now.

While the rocket launching in Fortnite was a pretty huge deal, one player decided to take full advantage of it.

The worldwide one-day-only event saw the launch of the rocket at the villain’s lair which ended up causing some crazy rifts in the Fortnite dimension.

While players were setting up to get a great view of the launch, others were getting weapons and gunning down everyone they could find. Even I ended up with an 18 kill game which I’m not proud of (I am really though).

However, that is nothing compared to ‘Elemental_Ray’ who racked up a 48 kill game! This totally wiped the floor with the former solo kill record – held by ‘Finest’ who had 33 and 32 kill games. In fact, the highest overall kill game was done in squads by ‘giannidotpw’ who racked up 45 kills.

48 Kill-tacular


So, how in gods name do you manage to get 48 kills in a solo game of Fortnite?

Well, our boy Elemental_Ray decided to play smart – rather than getting his hands too dirty. He chose just to knock the viewing platform, that a whopping 48 players had agreed to work on building so they could see the rocket launch.

So, you probably think that Elemental_Ray is some sort of Fortnite god, right? Well, even after that 48 kill game, he still only has a kill to death ratio of 0.47 and has only ever won 11 games – according to Fortnite tracker.

One thing is for sure; there is no way that we will see anything beat a 48 kill game for a while! Even the likes of FaZe Tfue and Ninja will struggle to get hold of that many kills in a solo game.

All hail Elemental_Ray, our Lord and saviour.

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