Could Sodapoppin’s WoW streams be more popular than Ninja?

Could Ninja’s days of dominating Twitch be numbered? Well, potentially if we are to take the most viewed Twitch accounts last week. Sure, Ninja did actually finish top of the charts by almost 1.5 million hours watched, but the numbers are telling.

Last week, we saw the launch of the newest World of Warcraft event, Battle of Azeroth. With this, we saw WoW take back control on Twitch, at some points being more viewed than Fortnite or League of Legends. One man who has been known for streaming WoW took advantage. That man was Sodapoppin.

Closing In


Sodapoppin picked up a whopping 3.6m hours watched on Twitch, with him averaging more than 40,000 concurrent viewers. These figures have been provided by the Esports Observer, and show that SodaPoppin incredibly beat out Lirik, Dakotaz, and Shroud’s viewing hours combined.

These amazing stats show just how popular World of Warcraft still is, as Sodapoppin joined in the top 10 most watched streams by Towelliee and Lirik. In fact, the game is so popular, Shroud also heavily streamed WoW last week.

While we’re sure Fortnite streamers won’t be dropping everything to create their Nightelf hunter, it might be a wake-up call. Especially for Myth who was not in the top ten for the first time in a very long time.

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