If you’re looking for some stellar Fortnite Shopping Cart clips, then we’ve totally got you!

Last week we thought that we had reached the pinnacle of Fortnite craziness thanks to the Jetpack, but then Epic Games blessed us with the introduction of the Shopping Cart. As you can imagine, there have been some seriously insane plays recently, and we’ve rounded up some of the best to entertain you.

Here are five of the best Fortnite plays from this week, which are your favourite?

1. Shopping Cart joust

Ninja shows us how to correctly use the Shopping Cart by getting into a joust with another duo. Onward valiant steed!

2. Shopping Cart’s are OP


Rocket to the face = death, but if you’re Dakotaz, a rocket to your shopping cart does absolutely nothing. How he was able to survive this is totally beyond me – easily one of the luckiest Fortnite Shopping Cart clips I’ve seen…

3. NoahJ456 proves how OP the Jetpack is

Never really thought about building with the Jetpack like this, but oh my good lord – we’re on to a winner here!

4. The no-scope wall bang filth

This clip from Dr Lupo is totally outrageous! Not much more to say, besides how much I love it (alot).

5. King Richard crazy snipe

Back to basics here, with King Richard pulling off a truly incredibly snipe with the hunting rifle.

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