Patrick Bamford plays Fortnite… weird right?

With all that money and quite a bit of spare time, you’d wonder what footballs get up to in their spare time.

I mean, back in the day, you would hear stories about them getting up to all sorts and most of it involving some rather libellous stuff.

ANYWAY, while some players may get up to no good, it appears that Middlesbrough forward, Patrick Bamford gets up to something that we have a lot of time for…Fortnite! 

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After scoring against Hull City, he decided to celebrate by doing a very odd impression of ‘being down’.

You know that awful team-mate who is always getting knocked and crawls to your for a revive and to snag your jellies? Well, that’s exactly what he did, so we can only imagine that Bamford appears to be pretty rubbish Fortnite player.

Footballers getting involved in esports

All we can hope now is that we get to see some footballers face off against each other in a Fortnite tournaments. I mean, if the likes of N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez are going to get involved in esports, they may as well sort out a competition.

One thing is for sure, my money will be nowhere near Bamford and co if he’s always going down. He needs to start carrying mini jellies, or follow our easy steps to secure the wins…

Still, it is somewhat odd that Championship forward Patrick Bamford plays Fortnite, albeit pretty badly.

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