Want to know what the Fortnite Week 10 challenges are for Season 4? Well, we’ve got them!

Incredibly, this week will be the final week of challenges for Season 4. Yep, we are into the 10th week of challenges for the fourth season of Fortnite, and it really is your last chance to get to that Omega skin.

The double XP weekend should have really helped, but if you are still short, you will need to get yourself on the latest challenges to reach level 100.

Thankfully, we know that this week’s challenges will merely have you eliminating opponents, searching chests in Junk Junction, and flying through floating rings; something which was added back in Season 3.

Unfortunately, the skydiving did have its problems; with some rings not registering correctly in the past. However, with Epic Games bringing it back, it looks like they want to try it again to see if it will be worth using in future seasons.

Bring on the Challenges

via Fortnite Tracker

These are the full list of challenges; luckily they’re self-explanatory this week and should be straightforward to complete them all:

  • Search Chests in Junk Junction (7)
  • Deal damage to opponents structures (5000)
  • Search a Chest, Ammo Box & Supply Drop in a single match (3)
  • Skydive through Floating Rings (20)
  • Search between movie titles (HARD) (1)
  • Eliminate opponents (HARD) (10)
  • Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields (HARD) (3)

The easiest of these would be to deal damage to opponent structures, search chests ammo box and a supply drop, and eliminate just ten opponents. We hope those of in need of those final levels can complete all of these – we’re rooting for you all to reach level 100.