Do you think that the Fortnite Jetpacks are overpowered, or well balanced?

Potentially one of the most significant changes to the Fortnite meta has been the brief inclusion of Jetpacks. They have seriously changed the way you enter battles, and how you arrange your loadout. Despite them being very fun, and not quite as common as you would think, many fans are still mad about them.

There have been several fans on Twitter sending messages to the Fortnite Twitter account – telling them to remove the Jetpack from the game because it is ‘ridiculously overpowered’.

Is it though? Well, we’re going to weigh up both sides of the argument.

It is overpowered

If you find yourself in a battle with someone who has a Jetpack, you have to accept that they will outbuild you simply because they can always get the high ground, and build on top of you. This does mean that you will sometimes need to accept defeat, or try and find a way to outsmart them, which is easier said than done.

The other thing about the Jetpack is it makes you incredibly hard to hit, especially if you are jumping quickly. Trying to get into a shotgun battle with someone with a Jetpack is almost impossible, and you are forced to put a lot of distance between you and the Jetpacked player.

It isn’t overpowered

One thing that you need to acknowledge is that anyone with a Jetpack is giving up a loadout spot. Typically, players want an assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, rockets and healing. However, you are forced to drop one of those for a Jetpack – with it likely being a rifle so you can afford to double pump.

Using the Jetpack also forces you to get into another player’s face and be aggressive, which on many occasions puts you at a disadvantage – especially when you need to advance on players in bases.

The other key point is that the Jetpack is a limited time item – so it won’t always be in the game. Epic has already stated that it is a merely a backpack, and there will be new additions in the future which will have different features.


Personally, I’ve noticed how overpowered it isn’t most of the time, and in order to get the most benefit out of it, you need to be very, very aggressive. It encourages players to change their gameplay,  potentially for the better, helping players improve. With them being removed shortly, whether they’re overpowered or not is neither here not there. Fortnite Jetpacks will be gone soon enough, so enjoy any opportunity you have to play with them!

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