Want the Fortnite week 8 treasure? Well, this is how to search between three different oversized seats!

We are a whopping eight weeks into Fortnite Season 5, and there are new challenges out! Everyone should pretty much be at level 100 now and getting close to the Roadtrip skin. Unless of course you are me and have fallen down the dark World of Warcraft and Football Manager holes.

Last week’s challenges were relatively straightforward and much more comfortable than the dreaded time trials from week 6. So, what are we doing this week? Well, it looks like we’ve got to get shotgun kills and do damage with pickaxes!

Thankfully, Epic Games has put the new challenges into the game right now, so here are what we’re up to for the next 7 days.

Free Pass Challenges

  • Place Traps (10)
  • Search chests in Wailing Woods (7)
  • Shotgun Eliminations (4) – HARD
via Epic Games

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with a Pickaxe to opponents (250)
  • Use a Rift at different Rift spawn locations (10)
  • Search between three different oversized seats (1) – HARD
  • Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent in Greasy Grove (1) – HARD
  • Stage 2: Eliminate an opponent in Lonely Lodge (1)
  • Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent in Fatal Fields (1)

How to find Week 8 treasure?

This one sounds a lot harder than it actually is because there are quite a few big seats. However, the ones that the game is asking for us to search by is near Flush Factory. In fact, the treasure is just on the hill above Flush Factory and to the west of the other closeby factory.

It will be between the three trees up there and should be easy as pie to find.

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