So, is the Fortnite Stink Bomb OP?

It may have only been released less than 24 hours ago, but the Fortnite Stink Bomb is already turning heads.

Throwable items have always been a little suspect when introduced into Fortnite. Arguably, only the Clingers have any real effect on the meta.

However, a throwable that can cause upwards of 90 damage, and helps to blind your opponent is pretty darn good.

But how good is it? Well, we’re going to have a look at answering all the questions you may have about the new addition to Fortnite.

What is it?

It acts a little like a smoke grenade, with it producing a nasty looking toxic cloud. Unlike the smoke grenade, though, it does damage to opponents, but only to their health rather than their shields.

Does the damage stack?

After trying it out, I can confirm that it doesn’t. This is probably for the best because you would be losing 10 health every half a second if you were caught between two of them.

That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t throw multiple to cover a large area, and not only take health off, but effectively blind opponents.


Do they go through buildings?

Yes! These are a good way of stopping players from camping in bushes and buildings, especially in the late game.

Unless they have lots of healing, they will have to move away from the cloud, or just keep building higher and higher; which exposes them to being knocked from the structure.

Should I pick them up?

Well, there is now a case for using them over something like a rocket, or grenade, launcher. With the nerf to those explosive weapons, having something that disrupts camping (especially in the final two) is a very good thing.

If you get them in the early game, then absolutely take them. You could potentially be better off with them than picking up, say, a white SMG, simply due to the damage per second output of them.

Are they OP then?

Well, no. Unless you are playing duos or squads and several people all decide to throw them, they are easily countered.

Simply building up or moving out of the way is probably the best idea. What we wouldn’t suggest is just sitting in the cloud and hoping to kill them before they kill you. Any shots, plus the stink bomb, will do some serious damage to you.

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