Roll up (and down the aisle), for our Fortnite Shopping Cart review!

The Shopping Cart has been out for several hours now, so what better time to do a review of it? Last night my friends and I spent too much time messing about with these carts, using them both in combat, and trying to get our Tony Hawk on.

How do you use them?

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You can either push them or ride in the cart and shoot at other shoppers – I mean players. Pushing is more fun, especially when you go off a giant cliff. There’s a bit of movement variety too; you can spring with them to get momentum, you can push them, or you can glide on the back.

Can you crash?

Oh my yes! They are quite sturdy – I’ve seen them take a couple of rockets and still be kicking about. If you do crash, however, you can flip the cart over, but the animation for this is about 1fps and currently looks horrible.

Is there anything brilliant that you can do with them?

Well, yeah – if you’re lucky! We tested them initially trying to build a giant ramp to fly off, however, because people are jerks and can’t let us have fun, it was quite hard. Eventually, we did manage to build somewhat of a half-pipe and, incredibly, didn’t die when we fell off the other end.

One massive tip for this is to use the pyramid, and edit them as ramps. They aren’t quite a steep as the actual ramps, meaning you can get it up as soon as possible.

Any other fun to be had?

If you have C4, you can load it into the Shopping Cart; then simply push it towards an enemy, jump out, and then set the charge. If you are lucky, it will crash into them, explode and hopefully knock them.

Are they actually good?

Honestly, they aren’t going to win you the game but could be helpful to get out of the storm with. However, they are so much fun, and if you have a buddy with you, you almost forget that you are playing a Battle Royale title.

Final thoughts

Certainly worth a try, and unquestionably the most fun you can have with friends. Fortnite Shopping Carts are the perfect way to take the game less seriously, and that is a good thing.

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