Fortnite Season 4 Dusty Depot, is it good?

We’re now a full day into the release of Fortnite Season 4, and there is plenty to talk about. However, I need to find content for each day; let’s spread it out a little bit, so there are more articles to write about – deal? Deal!

So, in today’s Season 4 review, it is probably right to talk about if Dusty Depot has made any positive effect on the game. If you didn’t know, the giant meteor that we all thought was going to hit the infamous Tilted Towers, actually hit Dusty, thus literally splitting the map in half.

Dusty post-meteor

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If you have landed at Dusty during the start of season 4, then you will know that it has become a very populated area. Which, in many ways, has split the map into two – more so than before. If you land in the crater, you will notice that there are quite a few chests, a whole load of crystals and a LOT of other players landing there. Thankfully, there are plenty of weapons around for you to grab, but really you just need a shotgun for the central point.

As for these crystals, they are littered throughout the crater; you should have no problems in popping them and gaining some cool superpowers in the process.

Where to land?

You will be really tempted to land in the crash site and grab all those crystals. However, if you want to come out on top with some decent health as well, you should really consider landing in one of the two remaining warehouses. You will find weapons and chests here and will have an incredible height advantage on anyone below you. Landing here yesterday, I managed to pick up a whopping eight kills before I had left.

Final thoughts?

I wasn’t entirely sure it would solve the pacing problems, however, with the natural cover and increased loot, there is plenty to be positive about. There is now a nice split between people landing here and at Titled. I have also noticed that smaller circles are still having 15-20 players alive, which before would have potentially been just two teams thanks to how many had died at Titled.

We’ll see more as the season continues.

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