Wondering how to do the Fortnite RPG reload glitch and if you even should try it? Well, we’ve got all your answers!

Epic Games will keep telling us that actually, Fortnite is in Early Access and not the finished game. With that being said, there have been plenty of bugs and glitches that have been found in recent times. From falling under the map to being able to kill someone without them able to see you; even travelling off the map in an ATK.

However, the latest glitch is one that we’re not sure if it is a glitch, exploit, or a cheat. The rapid fire RPG bug was spotted by Reddit user CratesofWrath and it looks genuinely terrifying.

Epic: Please Remove this RPG Reload Exploit (Read My Comment Below)(This Post Does not Teach How to do it) from FortNiteBR

What is it?

It looks like a way to cancel the full reload animation, allowing for players to fire rockets off much faster than usual.

Why is it bad?

Eh, rockets are already a problem in the game, so rapid-fire rockets will be somewhat game breaking!

But how do you do it?

Right, you can actually do this with any gun. The timing is complicated to get down, so it does take some practice to nail it.

Basically, you shoot, reload then as soon as you see the magazine increase, you slightly sprint then shoot. This should cancel the full reload animation and allow you to get more shots off with the RPG than you typically could.

Will I get banned?

As with the Fast Farming exploits, it is doubtful Epic will ban you. Afterall, it is an exploit they left in their game and really, using it helps them realise it needs fixing. We don’t take responsibility if you dirty players get in trouble, though.

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