Everyone loves skins on Fortnite. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you have a good skin in the game, you get about 50% damage. You know, like if you had Red Tiger camo or Fall camo on Modern Warfare 2.

Anyway, there are so many skins in Fortnite that you never really know which one to use. Some of them are just all sorts of expensive, like almost £20 for a skin… £20! I know it’s crazy, but there is actually a way that you can earn yourself a bit of money albeit while spending money.

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If you go to the store section in the game, you will see ‘The Fortnite Battle Royale Starter Pack’; that is actually pretty a sweet deal. You get yourself a new skin, new back bling AND 600 VBucks all for just £3.99.

Also, if you keep hold of those 600 VBucks, you’ll be able to grab hold of the next battle pass, and probably the next few if you keep then saved up.

While that is cool, the new Fortnite skin is actually pretty great too. Almost looking like a mix between the Doom guy/a Halo marine, which it isn’t a bad look at all.

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