Is the Fortnite MP5 OP? Yep, it totally is!

The new SMG has been in Fortnite for less than 24 hours, and it is already causing a stir.

Released in a brief weapons patch for the game yesterday, the MP5 was added to become the third SMG, and the sixth gun to use small ammo. Some fans were a little confused as to why another SMG was added, especially with how good they have been in recent weeks.

The previous submachine gun – which was vaulted back in Season 2 – was pretty useless so many expected the same from this one.

However, what we got was something that – at close range – totally shreds everything and anything; buildings and players are not safe anymore.

As usual, when a new item comes out, I jumped on to Fortnite to get to grips with it so I can give you a full review.

Is It Any Good?

Oh yeah, it’s very good. You can use it instead of a shotgun and win most of your battles. In fact, I would use it over any close range weapon and then stack up with heals, explosives and something long-range.

It fires so quickly and does so much damage that you will tear through enemies like they aren’t even there.

So it is OP?

Well, I’m starting to think that. There are two negatives which probably stop it from being game-breaking. The first is that is fires so quickly that you will go through ammo without realising.

The second, and most important, is that it is useless at anything other than close to mid-range.

However, the fact that it will outclass a shotgun for damage per second does worry me a little.

What are fans saying?

The consensus seems to be that it is very, very good. Some are mad, and others are enjoying shredding through fools.

Why did Epic add it and will it be nerfed?

Well, Epic has been quite frank about how much they don’t like people sat in buildings camping things out. They also do not like how powerful shotguns are and how they are a must for any loadout. A diverse playstyle seems to be what the devs want, so they are adding more and more things to counter stuff they don’t like.

The thing is though; they have nerfed rocket launchers and grenade launchers and then made the 7, 8, and 9 storms random. They nerfed shotguns then added a weapon that outclasses them.

They want to stop people sitting in buildings but don’t really punish anyone for doing it until the very late game. Seems like a very confused message they are sending, right?

As for nerfing it, well I can see the damage might get a drop, or they may reduce the clip size from 30 to 25. Other than that, it looks like it will stay until enough of the community kick up a stink about it.

But, if you can’t beat ’em you might as well join ’em, so I’ll be using it as long as it is there.

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