Wondering how to use Fortnite Jetpacks? We’ve got everything you probably need to know.

When they were initially announced, Jetpacks in Fortnite were thought to be a controversial inclusion to the game. Many shooter fans still had some horrible flashbacks to when Call of Duty added jetpacks and ruined the game.

So when Epic finally made them available in the game, you could excuse anyone for feeling a little hesitant – but are they that bad? Well, thankfully the loot gods were on my side, and I was able to use them during six games last night which means I can give you the full lowdown on them.

How do find them?

They will spawn in chests and air drops, and they will replace whatever weapon may have generated there. One thing I haven’t seen is them spawning just on the floor like it has been known for certain legendary weapons, in the past.

How do I use them?

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So you know what they are, but now you’re wondering how to use Fortnite Jetpacks? We’ll run you through it all; they take up an inventory slot, so you need to think about what you are willing to give up for them. To activate them you simply jump, and then jump again while in the air, causing you to hover. You can go much higher, however, if you go too high you will find that the Jetpack will stop – unless you reactivate it or build, you’ll drop.


Do they last forever?

No. They have a fuel indicator, and it will dip the more you use it. If you jump and hold it down, it will drain very quickly, so be sure to use them if you are pushing, evading or trying to escape the storm.

Are they overpowered?

Well, personally, everything is really well balanced in Fortnite. With that being said, they are very good – but only in the correct situation. Just like the hop rocks, they do give you a very good advantage when used at the right time.

Well, what are it’s disadvantages then?

Unlike hop rocks, which make you immune to fall damage, you take a significant risk if you use the Jetpack. Unless you are lightning fast at building or jumping, then you will take quite a lot of fall damage. While that isn’t a big deal early game when you have a chance to loot healing items or find apples, late game it can be a big reason for you not picking up that Victory Royale.


Honestly? I’m not so fussed about them. While they are fun, I do feel like you hovering in the air, being unable to build, puts you at a considerable disadvantage. If you’re still wondering how to use Fortnite Jetpacks, just hope you get lucky with your chests and try one for yourself!

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