Is this the best Fortnite no-scope you have seen?!

Another week and another best Fortnite clips for your viewing pleasure.

While we have been distracted by the ELEAGUE Premier, PUBG Invitational, and the Overwatch League final, we could never forget about Fortnite.

Over the past week, we saw the crazy Compact SMG that had players both fuming and drooling over just how crazily good it was.

So, here are some of the best clips we could find, including a few with the Compact SMG.

Daequan bounce bad kill

I’ve played and watched a lot of Fortnite, but I have never seen this! It’s almost like an elevator that will send you flying upwards.

Dakotaz rocket ride

Man, I forgot about rocket riding! Well, thankfully Dakotaz has reminded us what you can do with it.

Hutch shows off the pre-nerf Compact SMG

Ninja hits those

This is just nasty. Really, really nasty.

Dr Lupo headshots on headshots

Got to love how good Dr Lupo’s aim is!

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