Is the Fortnite Clinger actually any good?

The latest Fortnite weapon was released yesterday, so it is any good? Well, after using the Clinger for a good few hours last night I think I’m in a pretty good place to give you the low down on it. Working like a sticky grenade with a timer, it is something between C4 and a grenade which is quite impressive.

With it being an uncommon item, it does mean that you will come across them a lot more often than say C4. However, there is something to be said about actually finding space for them though.

Are they worth picking up?

Yes, especially in the early meta of the game, and if you are in somewhat populated areas. What I found really helpful when playing duos or squads was to throw the Clingers close to team-mates if they were in a battle.

Why use them?

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Well, carrying on from what I was just saying, throwing them at team-mates in battle not only acts as almost a smoke screen but helps give some distance between them and the enemy. This was something I tried in my first game with them. My friend was in a house, and someone came in. I threw three clingers through the open door, and this gave my friend time to get out and actually got me the knock.

Doing 100 damage and being able to throw them quickly at a good arch is very nice.

The other big reason to use them is for destroying buildings. While things like C4, rockets and the LMGs are an excellent option, these do a whopping 200 damage.

Why not use them?

Well, as much I like them, there are a few reasons why you maybe shouldn’t pick them up. With them being uncommon, it is hard to justify losing a spot for them, especially when you are in the mid or late game. You need an assault rifle, sniper, shotgun, rockets, healing and potions so where do put the Clinger.

Finally, they do make a distinctive noise that will give players some time to move out of the blast radius.


I really like it for the early game, but I wouldn’t advise using them in a solo – even more so if you are in the late game. You can probably justify keeping them in a squad if you have one member who is going to carry healing then you could give the Fortnite Clinger a spot.

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