After weeks of anticipation and delay, Fortnite has finally released the Playground LTM.

It was meant to release last week to coincide with the v.4.5 update. While it technically did – it only lasted for about two hours before being taken offline for matchmaking problems.

Thankfully, after much delay, we have got the Playground back it is working correctly… fingers crossed.

So with it now available to play, what are you actually going to use it for? Well, if you’re struggling for ideas, here are five cool things to do in playgrounds.

1. Learn to build

Even the most hardened veterans of Fortnite can do with a little refresher in building; learning how to master certain new tactics.

With the Playground mode, you basically have unlimited materials, meaning you can build to your heart’s content. Learn how to do double stairs, make structures super fast, and how to edit them correctly.

2. Have build battles

This is something that FaZe tfue is doing with other pro players. You both have the same number of materials, shield and weapon and then just keep building until one of you wins. These should make for some very interesting games with your mates.

It’s an excellent way for you to polish up your skills a little without the fear of losing.

3. Build cool things

Again with the building – but this is what this mode is all about.

We all remember those days on Minecraft, where you would spend all day creating castles, skyscrapers, and weiners – why not do the same but on Fortnite.

Now, obviously, there are some limitations, but I for one cannot wait to see someone build a giant roller coaster to use with a shopping cart.

4. Figure out who’s the best

This links a little to #2, but this is all about who has the best all-around skills.

You all want to know who the best one out of your group of friends is (me), so now you can finally put your money where your mouth is and prove just how good you are.


I’ve always wanted to see what Fortnite’s map would look like completely barren. No buildings, no trees, no stone, nothing just you, some grass, and a few hills…

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