Are these some of the best Fortnite clips ever?

This past week might just have been the biggest in Fortnite’s history. The game is now the most popular shooter in the world and the most watched game on Twitch.

Oh and then there are the likes of streamer Ninja who is just going from strength to strength as he currently has over 150,000 subscribers on the platform thanks to playing Fortnite.

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So with the game’s popularity only getting stronger and stronger, what are some of the best clips to be seen from this weekend?

Well, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best that we can find from Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

Ninja Rocket ride

Rocket riding is just the best if you can actually pull it off because of just how hard it is.

Well, if you are bad like me, but there is now a new emote that is just the best.

It does look fantastic, and if you’re styling, you might just be able to pull a win off with it. And that is exactly what Ninja did with the help of Shroud in this clip.

Summit gets styled on

If the rocket ride emote wasn’t cool enough, then the backflip emote is the absolute best.

I mean, you can literally dodge shots like it is nobodies business and it does make you look very cool.

Which is something Summit found out during a duos game when he got a backflipped crossbow right in the face.



You know when you are in a battle with someone, and they just won’t stop shooting your building? That really is the worst and makes most of us panic like mad.

However, for if you are HotShy, then you might just be able to get away with it and totally outplay them.

20v20 mayhem

The final clip is pretty crazy and just about perfectly sums up the 20v20 game mode that is available at the moment.

I mean, you always need to have Loot Lake as your own, but going in there and slaughtering about 10 players is just nasty.

As the best Fortnite clips go, this is absolutely up there!

It is the Doc’s Fort!

Nothing really to say here, but this is absolute gold.

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