Honestly, I think we may have found the worst Fortnite player ever!

Expect some serious clips this week thanks to that fact that we have had one of the best weapons added to Fornite. Seriously, the Famas has been an outrageous inclusion to the game and has definitely made for some excellent plays. Heck, even I managed to secure some crazy clips – but I won’t be an egotist and show you them here.

Fortnite Famas review – Is it really better than a SCAR?

However, I will show you some seriously fantastic clips from some of the best streamers and players around.

1. Ninja 23 kills in squads

He is just ridiculous, isn’t he? Pulling off 7 kills in the space of one minute, and this was in solo squads!

2 Dakotaz witnesses the worst team-mate ever

My new favourite thing is throwing a port-a-fort at team-mates when they are running so it traps them in. While that is a scumbag move, this is shocking!

3. Mid-air no scope victory


A truly outrageous clip from this self-confessed semi-pro Fortnite player. Must admit that I have tried doing this so many times and failed miserably.


4. Solo Showdown brings out some amazing players

What were they thinking?! Seriously, why would they even bother to join a tough competition like Solo Showdown if they are that bad?!

5. NoahJ runs into the worst Fortnite player ever

Seriously… this guy might be one of the worst Fortnite players I have ever seen in my life. I think the bush might make it seem a lot funnier as well.

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