Are these the best Fortnite reactions clips?

This week’s best Fortnite clips were meant to be full of all the really cool stuff that players had been making in the Playground LTM.

Unfortunately, Epic Games couldn’t keep the game online for more than two hours, so it looks like we’re going back to basics with these clips.

Fortunately, these clips are amongst the best we have seen so far; including the likes of FaZe tfue, Ninja, and Dakotaz.

Shockingly – they continue proving their mad skills, and just how much better they are than me.

So, this week, we have got bounce pads, no scopes, and… what on earth was going on with that rocket launch?!

Bounce Pad No-Scope Win

This is a truly disgusting clip. Look at it!

The building is just crazy, and I didn’t know you could use bounce pads like that. If he wasn’t the best Fortnite player around, he probably wouldn’t have hit that no-scope.

2  The Long Journey

I have been both on the giving and receiving end of this. There is nothing worse than running for miles to reach the storm only the get killed as soon as you get out…

3. Another Shopping Cart Glitch

There are some ways to die and this is absolutely the best; being sent flying by a shopping cart!

4. Those reactions

This might not look like an amazing clip, but when you think about how quick those reactions are to get that shot off… fantastic.

5. The Best View of the Rocket

As views go, you have to admit that this one is pretty nutty!

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