Are these the best Fortnite bounce pad clips?

We may not have jetpacks or shopping carts anymore, but we have still got a load of very cool Fortnite clips for you. In fact, we’ve got potentially some of the best clips we’ve seen, even with Realm Royale taking some of your attention over the past weeks.

As we will find out this week, the thermal scope is absolutely ridiculous and once again, bounce pads are so much fun – as these clips will prove:

Nasty Thermal

Two headshots from 264m away is crazy and really does show how strong the thermal really is…

Overpowered much?

Bounce pad fun

We’re big fans of Dakotaz, but we’re even bigger fans of bounce pads because they can lead to plays like this.


Hunting rifle Ninja

The hunting rifle is one of my favourite weapons at the moment because you can do some crazy stuff like this.

Well as long as you are Ninja…

Outbuilding  + shotguns = fun

This clip is pretty darn nasty from TSM Hamlinz, and once again shows that he is one of the best builders around.

Bounce pad snipe

This might be the best bounce pad clip we’ve seen. My days it is a tasty one.

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