Are these the best Fortnite clips from this week?

Fortnite just keeps breaking record after record at the moment. From Ninja becoming the most followed channel on Twitch, to the game storming past rivals PUBG. This past week has also seen the record number for a Fortnite stream being destroyed after Spanish streamer El Rubius gained more than 1.1 million viewers.

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With the new shotgun being introduced to the game and the rather fantastic limited time mode ‘Blitz’, there are plenty of great clips.

Here are five of the best Fortnite clips from this week:

No shots fired 

Ever managed to get an entire opposing team with just impulse grenades? Well that’s exactly what OpTic CouRage managed to do.

Well, this is awkward

Actually, no idea who this is but I laughed quite a lot, and you will too.

The new heavy shotgun is BROKEN

Yeah, we’ve been over this before but seriously, Epic?! This weapon is totally nuts!

Double shotgun? Nah Double revolver!

Just plain ol’ dirty from Myth. As it goes this might be one of the best Fortnite clips form this weekend.

King Richard – king of headshots

We’re ending with two clips actually cos I can’t decide between them.

First off, we’ve got him landing in Tilted and picking up two no scope headshots, which looked stupidly easy.

And then we’ve got him hitting two very nice back-to-back head-shots from well over 150m.

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