Here’s our handy guide on how to use the new Fortnite Bouncer?

Back in the fledgeling days of Fortnite, there were quite a few items that have since been banished, gone forever (or perhaps not). Whether this was for the better or, the worse, it looks like we’re getting one put back in the game; the Jump Pad.

Well, actually it is being now called the Bouncer rather than the Jump Pad, and it could be a very spritely addition back into the meta.

Epic has been tight-lipped so far about details surrounding the Bouncer, but some of us old guard already believe they know how they should work.

How do you use them?

Exactly like you would a launch pad. They will be stored in your items slot, and you will need to select and place them on a flat surface before jumping.

Have they changed?

By the looks of things, they have! At the start of the game, you would place them, jump, and not pull out your glider, causing you to take fall damage if you went too high.

Now, you can place them, jump, and regardless of how high you are, you won’t take any fall damage.

You can also place them in any direction, so you no longer have to go only straight up!

Can you shoot when you are in the air?

We’re going to say yes; just like with the impulse grenades, or the Jetpack, you can shoot in mid-air. So logic suggests you will be able to do the same with the Bouncer. How high you will jump is a different matter.

How rare will they be?

They should be blue (rare), ensuring they’re quite easy to come by in chests, or just laying around the map. One of the big things is that they now drop in threes – quite an interesting design choice and one which we’re sure will encourage some superb aerial plays.

When will they be released?

They are out now!

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