It looks like we’re getting a Fortnite Slurp Juice buff!

One item which is criminally underappreciated is the Slurp Juice. Before the time of apples and campfires, Slurp juices were really the best way to get some health and shields on the board rather than have shield potions and full-heals.

However, since the inclusion of apples, mushrooms, and the campfire, the Slurp Juice has somewhat fallen out of favour. With it only giving you 25 shields and health and taking time to take effect, there are better options. Personally, I like them, but with so many new things, they could probably do with a bit of a boost to make them worth picking up.

Thankfully, one Reddit user has come up with an ingenious idea to improve them, and Epic Games have actually taken notice.

User HalfHealth posted this idea:

Slurp Juice Buff Suggestion from FortNiteBR

We might just be seeing Slurp now share health and shields. So if you have 100 health, it will all go into shields and vice versa. In fact, it will prioritise health over shields even if both are low.

With it getting a lot of upvotes and plenty of positive responses, Epic noticed it and provided two interesting updates on the Slurp juice. Jshredz said: “Hey, that’s a neat idea…”

Replying to that, another Epic employee, EpicEricSW, revealed:

“Dude, don’t skimp on the deets! :p. In 5.10 Slurp will give 75 points (2hp/s), but prioritize HP first. If HP is full, it’ll go to Shield.”

So, hopefully, we will be seeing the changes to the Slurp Juices coming tomorrow at some point!