It looks like Fortnite explosive barrels might make an appearance after a Reddit user’s post caught the eye of the Epic dev team.

In gaming, if you see a red barrel or propane tank or propane accessories, you know if you shoot it, it blows up. Pretty much every game has this feature, especially if you are on something like Call of Duty. Heck, even PUBG has that feature.

Well, one Reddit user believes that it should also be included to Fortnite. Throughout the Fortnite map, there are various propane tanks, gas tanks and everything in between. While you can mine these for materials, you can’t really do much else with them.

However, u/Iqid_Loopz has come up with a very cool idea that would make a big explosion if added:

It would be awesome if EPIC added explosive environment. Red barrels or object that contains gas/gasoline should go boom upon contact with a bullet, or a pickaxe or a person – whatever works. from FortNiteBR

While you might have thought Epic would never take this seriously, they actually responded! EpicEric, one of the community managers replied with this:

So, it looks like if the Fortnite development team can find a way around it, we might be getting some form of exploding barrels in the game! When this would happen is very much unknown, but it is cool that they have at least been trying to figure a way out to include it.

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