Fortnite Season 4 is out, and while we have already talked about the skins, we should probably talk about the actual game. We know, we know, the skins are fresh, but this is a shooter, not a skin simulator!

So here is absolutely everything you need to know about the new season.

The map

All the rumours and updates you need to know about Fortnite season 4

So, the most significant changes in the game are obviously that big old meteor that has been talked about for so long. We all thought that Tilted Towers would be the place to be destroyed; however, it was Dusty Depot! If you were to land there now, you would find two intact buildings but an enormous crater full of potential goodies.

There is also a new landing zone, which is unfortunately where I like to land in solos quite often. In the top north-east corner of the map, there was a group of houses that were full of chests. This has now been made into Risky Reels and given a bit more structure. Expect this to be highly populated for the next few days – and as the name explains, it may be risky, but the rewards could be huge.

There is also a new secret room in Salt Springs that is a rather impressive control room, with a few chests spawning there.

Anything else new?

Oh my yes! You know how we said that goodies would be in the Dusty Depot crater? Well, we weren’t lying because we’d like to introduce you to ‘power crystals’.

These items, which don’t take any inventory space, turn you into a superhero for a brief moment. You can find them in any crater, and if you consume them, they will give you a speed boost as well as being able to jump higher, and take less fall damage.

The effect lasts for about 30 seconds, so could be very handy if you find yourself in a building battle with someone and don’t want to take damage.

I’m sure we’ll find more new and exciting stuff as the season continues, and we cannot wait.

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