Could Fortnite esports be finally happening thanks to this?

Fortnite was released in China yesterday, and it has already caused a huge stir. In fact, such a stir that investment company Tencent has put in a whopping £11m towards Fortnite.

Tencent actually bought a stake of Fortnite developers Epic Games back in 2012 for over £200m, but they have now helped the devs crack the massive Chinese market. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has already made its mark in China – albeit introducing 97% of all cheaters reported in the game.

However, cheaters aside, the introduction of not only a new player-base but the investment is undoubtedly a good thing for Fortnite.

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The good news though, this isn’t just about pushing Fortnite to a new player-base but rather helping push for the game to be recognised as an established esport.

Now to some speculation. With games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike and League of Legends all having considerable player-bases in Asia and large sponsorship as well, this move could lead to a potential Fortnite league. As we have seen with Overwatch, a franchised league is something that works very well, especially regarding bringing massive sponsorship.

So could we see a Fortnite world league with various teams from each country Well, not quite, considering that we have already seen teams such as TSM and FaZe snap up some of the best players and streamers around. It is likely that instead of franchises, we’ll have a Fortnite esports team from across the globe.

If Fortnite can break the Chinese market, there is no doubting that it will become one of the biggest esports in the world. Breaking Asia brings not only players but colossal revenue potential that will spill over to prize pools in competitions.

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