This might be my favourite thing to write about every week; the best Fortnite clips from the previous weekend.

Basically, I just get to watch loads of Fortnite clips and claim that it is work and life – sure it’s terrible, right?

Anyway, this madness of Fortnite has been taken to the max over the past few days thanks to some fairly significant changes to the game; like the change to shotguns, the Easter launcher and the inclusion of guided missiles.

Fortnite streamer gets swatted mid-game and still manages to win

This week we have got all three in fact, and as usual, there are some outrageous plays which will keep you entertained for the rest of the day.

1. Ninja Guided Rocket Ride

This is just a ridiculous clip that makes me wonder what I need to do to make plays like this.

2. Impulse Guided Missile away

I love Myth and I love this clip because it is totally handy knowing that there is a way to combat those OP as hell missiles!

3. No Scope mid-air crossbow!

Good old Dr Lupo! He can do anything, as he proved when he got swatted the other day but this clip is just NASTY.

4. Another Guided Missile

Yeah, sorry for another Fortnite guided missile clips but it is just so cool, isn’t it! This one from ChowzyCola has him winning by shooting a missile at some fool as they tried to launch pad away.

5. The Fortnite Chopper Gunner

I’m not even sorry that this is another guided missile because this is rather hilarious and you cannot deny that.

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