What are the best Fortnite Jetpack clips?

Just when you thought that Fortnite couldn’t get any crazier, and the best Fortnite clips couldn’t be topped, Jetpacks were added to the game. So as you can imagine, there are plenty of really cool clips that will make you wish you were so much better at the game.

This week we’ve got some of our usual favourites, with the likes of Myth – and of course Ninja.

1. Myth + Jetpack is broken

Someone, please nerf Myth. His building skills with a jetpack are just totally broken.

2. Ninja is a bully

Seems a little unfair on these poor guys, but I guess it is funny that Ninja can mess around that much and still get the kill.


3. One DEAG everywhere

Dakotaz really is an underrated player, and this clip of him one tapping at least five people with a Deagle is majestic.

4. Dr Lupo no-scope

A no-scope with the hunting rifle from 255m away is truly disgusting, right? Well, how about two?

5. Great jetpack play of all time

Is this the best thing you have ever seen a Jetpack do? I bet it is!

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