We’re still waiting for season 4 of Fortnite to begin, but hey, let’s speculate what will be included. Well, while season 3 was all spaced themed, it appears that season 4 will be a little more heroic! If you take a look at the promo picture posted on Twitter by Fortnite, you will see some characters that are very familiar. I spotted Wonder Woman and the Flash which means they could very well be the tier 100 skins.

The Meteor

Fortnite gives new hint that Titled Towers will finally be removed

Oh and then there is the meteor. While we all know that that is space-themed, which famous superhero came to Earth via a meteor?! Oh yes, it was Superman! So we could also be seeing a Superman-inspired skin when that pesky meteor lands.

Where it will land has become a bit of a debate from some players. Initially, we all believed it would be hitting Tilted Towers, but things have changed now. According to just about everyone on Reddit, the meteor will hit Dusty Depot. Which sort of makes sense with it being in the middle of the map and notorious for being where my friends and I usually end up dying.

Huge map updates

This could be somewhat incredible if true because it will make the game completely different each week. What are we talking about? Oh, just the fact that the map will apparently be updated with new areas and tweaks to keep it fresh.

Sadly though, one of my least favourite pieces of news is that we could be seeing the removal of Moisty Mire by the end of the season. Moisty is a bit out of the map tucked away in the southeastern corner. That would be a shame but as many have been pointing out on Reddit, it does slow you down if you land there and the circle ends up miles away.

Final thoughts

As you can guess, none of this is confirmed, except for maybe my Superman theory. However, this has been posted by internetadam on Reddit, someone how nailed both season 2 and 3 predictions.

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