Fortnite is too casual, and here are 5 reasons why.

When you’re above average at a game, you certainly don’t want it to become more casual. You want to know the time and effort you put in to be a good player is rewarded. Just as importantly, you want the newer players to go through the same learning that you did.

So when a game does go become more casual – think Call of Duty – we are put in a situation where regardless of how good you are, you will die to someone worse than you.

You may have good aim, top map awareness and incredible reactions, but someone sat in a corner who sprays will probably beat you some of the time.

While Fortnite started with a very high skill cap, as the game has become more popular, Epic Games have begun tailoring it towards a very casual market. If you don’t believe us, then we have five reasons why Fortnite is too casual.

1. Material Nerf

The latest way Epic is allegedly looking to help newer players is something fans are furious about.

The entire niche behind Fortnite was that it allowed players to build defences. Good players then used building mechanics to be more aggressive.

As the meta has grown, one of the best things about Fortnite was the exciting ‘build offs’ players have. Getting into these means you need to have materials, know how to build, and then aim well to get the kill.

As you can imagine, nerfing materials so you have as little as 500 is outrageous and has made a lot of players unhappy. This might be the biggest way that we’re seeing Fortnite is too casual these days.

2. Shotgun Nerfs


1v1 shotgun battles – which have you jumping like your dad when he got his pogo stick in 1976 – are what Fortnite is all about. In fact, shotguns are another really exciting part; with players being able to ‘double pump’, a skill which is harder than it first appears but was incredibly useful.

Epic Games started by removing the double pump. They continued to nerf shotguns to the point where someone with an assault rifle can just spray you down at close range. Then came the nerf to headshot multipliers, which stopped headshots being a one hit kill.

3. Explosive Nerfs

So little time, so, so many nerfs. Other than the potential nerf to building, this has been a very unliked change. While getting spammed by rockets and grenades is never fun, when you are in the end-game, explosives are vital to get rid of those damn bush campers.

This change seems to really cater to passive players who will camp their way to the final storm.

4. Complete Cross-Platform

This one drives me crazy. Personally, I think all PC players are a little sick of getting lasered by console players. PC players have the building advantage, but with incoming nerfs to materials console players will have a significant advantage.

If you want to play cross-platform because you are playing with your mate on Xbox then that’s fine, but please let us make that decision.

5. Port-a-Forts


These may not seem like a huge deal, but they are such a massive crutch for bad players. I use them. almost entirely, for throwing at friends while they are running to stop them dead – which is always funny.

However, for weaker players, they give you an instant height and defensive advantage. To take them down you need to get very close and shoot all four walls, or you will need to push up to them leaving you very open to other players.

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