Here are some of the Best Fortnite clips from this weekend

Hey, you might have guessed this by now, I proper love Fortnite. Like I spend most of my day either thinking about it, writing about it or actually playing it.

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Oh and when I’m not doing those things, I’m watching people play it on Twitch; such as the likes of Ninja, Summit1G and TSM Myth. As you can imagine, watching all of this, you come across some pretty amazing clips, so here are five which I spotted over the weekend.

1. Ninja gets Grizzy

What is better than winning a match in Fortnite? Doing it in super style that’s what! And Ninja always seems to be raising the bar on ending kills, but this jumping no scope was INSANE.

As the best Fortnite clips go, this surely is up there!

2. Dakotaz also gets Grizzy

I hope you all remember who Grizz is; you know the GrandDaddy of sniping.

Anyway, this clip may not look like much at first, but DK had must soo many snipes in this match before pulling out this jumping quickscope.

Oh and the fact that he hit this from a whopping 170m is just another tick into how epic this was.

3. Best Rocket ride ever

What are the odds?! from r/FortNiteBR

Rocket riding is just hilarious, and since they took team killing out, it is so much easier. However, there is a time and a place for rocket riding, and I’ll be honest this clip probably wasn’t it, but it was HILARIOUS.

4. Matrix

What would a Fortnite clip list be without a clip from Myth? Not only is he dodging arrows, but he also impulse grenades himself over to DESTROY someone with an SMG. Just pure styling.

5. Double Handcannon is op

Ah DR Lupo is just great, and the hand cannon is just the best… want proof, just watch this beauty.

Is it the most insane clip? Nope, but it is one of the best Fortnite clips to show just how good the hand cannon is!

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