This Dakotaz no scope clip is amazing.

Another week and another list of some absolutely fantastic Fortnite clips to get you hyped to play.

Though in the last week or so we haven’t had any crazy weapon added to the game, we have had an interesting item in the form of the stink bomb which could make for some seriously interesting clips.

Of course, we’ve also got some truly outrageous snipes and shotguns; it wouldn’t be Fortnite without ’em.

With that being said, let’s have a look at this weeks 5 best Fortnite clips…

The Jurassic Park roleplay

Everyone is loving Jurassic Park at the moment and so are we, in part thanks to the T-Rex skin and the T-Rex emote. Clever Girl indeed from Ninja.

Style on em

What is better than getting a no scope? Getting a no scope final kill with an assist from a bounce pad. Which is exactly what Dakotaz did in this utterly brilliant clip that makes us sad we’re not that good.

Myth’s FaZe application

Not entirely sure what to say about this because it is so outrageous.

Skycap build-off battle

Clearly, the sky’s the limit for Daequan…

The Stink Bomb plays

This is a bit of a long one, but stick with it because we’ve now got all sorts of ideas on how to combine bounce pads and stink bombs.

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